Pokemon Episode 570 – Ancient Family Matters!

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Ash is excited to finally reach the Canalave Gym once more, for his next Gym Battle. But, Byron’s apprentice tells Ash and the others he’s having conflicts right now with his son. Ash and the others also meet Byron of the Canalave Gym. Though, both Roark and Byron are having a fight over which one loves fossils more. Brock suggests that they have a battle to determine which Fossil Pok√©mon, Rampardos or Bastiodon, is stronger. This means Ash will have to keep waiting for his Gym Battle, and also handle this conflict. Later on Team Rocket steals all of Byron’s fossils and everybody runs after them. Later Team Rocket gets defeated and Ash starts to get impatient and can’t wait for his battle.

Pokemon Episode 570 - Ancient Family Matters!, 4.5 out of 5 based on 32 ratings

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