Pokemon Episode 573 – Steeling Peace of Mind!

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With six Sinnoh Gym Badges on hand, Ash decided that his next gym battle will be at the Snowpoint City Gym. Ash and friends later got a call from Barry. Ash told him about his victory at the Canalave Gym. Barry told the group that the Steel Pokémon on Iron Island were acting strangely, even his Empoleon. So Ash and friends took the next ferry to Iron Island. When they arrived, they searched for Barry and encountered more Steel Pokémon running amok. Ash got saved from an angry Aggron by a trainer named Riley and his partner Lucario. Riley introduced himself and said that he is a trainer that lives on Iron Island, and his Lucario uses it’s Aura to protect itself from the low-frequency wave that’s driving other Steel Pokémon mad. Barry and his Heracross went off on their own investigation, and spotted a strange machine. Barry ran into Team Rocket and blamed them for everything, but Team Rocket denied that the machine is theirs. Barry and Team Rocket took a closer look and discovered that the machine is Team Galactic’s, and headed by Commander Mars. When Team Galactic spotted them, Team Rocket started up a fight which caused themselves to fall with Barry into an underground ruin. Up on the surface, Riley, Ash, Dawn and Brock tracked Team Galactic, and found that the ruins were made of metal. Together with Team Galactic’s Spear Key, this caused the low-frequency wave. Commander Mars released the Spear Key and the key melded with the ruins, which released a huge bolt of energy. The waves knocked Lucario backwards and it was overcome by a strange power. It lost control and prepared to attack Ash and friends!

Pokemon Episode 573 - Steeling Peace of Mind!, 4.8 out of 5 based on 34 ratings

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