Pokemon Episode 574 – Saving the World from Ruins!

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Ash and the others figured out that the cause of all the Pokémon’s outbursts are some low-frequency waves that were being emitted after an accident. Ash and his friends searched for the source of these waves that were caused by none other than Team Galactic. Ash, Riley, Brock and Dawn decided to go near it, but when Piplup jumped, it was not able to reach the ground and fell in the hole. Dawn saw Barry and the others in the pit. Dawn used a rope to get them out, but Barry and Team Rocket had an argument who should go first. During the fight, Dawn also fell in the hole. Meanwhile, Ash and Pikachu destroyed the machine and all the Steel Pokémon turned back normal. Team Galactic’s plan didn’t work out so well, so Commander Mars attempted to blow up Iron Island. Ash and Brock thought of a way to stop Team Rocket, Dawn and Barry out of the hole. Ash tried to make Chimchar dig a tunnel for them, but the ground was too hard. James cried with Mime Jr. and embraced Carnivine, making it want to help by learning Vine Whip. Grotle grabbed Carnivine’s Vine Whips, getting everyone out out. Commander Mars’ Grunts placed bombs below the ruins but Riley and Lucario trapped it with their Aura and released it above from Iron Island. Mars went back and told Cyrus that the plan did not work. Ash and friends see Professor Carolina again because she came to study the island. Ash and friends said good bye to Barry and went on their way to Chocovine Town.

Pokemon Episode 574 - Saving the World from Ruins!, 4.7 out of 5 based on 27 ratings

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