Pokemon Episode 575 – Cheers on Castaways Isle!

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While riding the boat with Ash and his friends that will take them to Chocovine Town, Pikachu and Piplup got kidnapped by Team Rocket. They dove down way into the sea. However, a big whirlpool caused Pikachu and Piplup to fall off Team Rocket’s ship. They found themselves on an island with no people. Meanwhile, Ash and his friends headed towards the island with Officer Jenny. Pikachu and Piplup found a Corphish and several Mantyke putting rocks around a stone. Staravia and Buizel saw them and go back to Ash to tell him where they are. Ash and friends made a plan to get Pikachu and Piplup back. Meanwhile, Team Rocket came again to get Pikachu and Piplup, but when they were about to catch them, Staravia attacked and the plan failed. Pikachu and Piplup got caught again. The stone hatched and a Deoxys came alive to save them. Team Rocket blasted off after a battle. Deoxys headed into the aurora. Ash and his friends headed to Chocovine Town on the boat with Officer Jenny.

Pokemon Episode 575 - Cheers on Castaways Isle!, 4.9 out of 5 based on 31 ratings

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