Pokemon Episode 576 – Hold the Phione!

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Dawn, Ash and Brock arrived at Chocovine Town and found everyone in a festive mood. It was not the upcoming contest in Chocovine Town everyone was excited about, but it was the annual visit of the Phione. These rare aquatic Pokémon could be seen in town and are said to bring good luck. That night, Dawn and her friends took a Phione watching tour on a submarine, unaware that the submarine was crewed by Team Rocket. Three Phione swam past the submarine and one was so interested in Dawn’s Buneary that when the other Phione continued on their way, it stayed behind. After the tour was over, Team Rocket came and caught the lonely Phione that was left behind, but made a mistake of letting it out to swim in the town fountain. Phione used Acid Armor and escaped down the drain to search for Buneary. Phione found Dawn and Buneary training on a beach. Team Rocket showed up to recapture Phione. As soon as it saw Buneary with Pikachu, it challenged Pikachu as a rival for Buneary’s affections! Buneary stepped in and challenged Phione to a battle itself: if Phione won, Buneary would go on a date with it. Captivated by the drama, Team Rocket abandoned their plan to see what would happen. Soon after the battle started, Buneary and Phione both used their Ice Beam and neither Pokémon had the advantage. Buneary used the opportunity to strike while Phione was distracted, knocked Phione down. Phione told Buneary farewell and turned to leave. When Team Rocket tried to grab Phione, Buneary and Phione both used their Ice Beam so Pikachu could blast them off. Phione still had a broken heart, but Buneary promised to battle it again some day. With happiness, Phione swam into the water and rejoined its friends.

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