Pokemon Episode 577 – Another One Gabites the Dust!

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The Chocovine Town Contest is coming up and after hours of training, Dawn is felt more ready than ever, and so were Buneary and Pachirisu. So Dawn decided to reward the group by sharing her Poffins with them. Mamoswine showed reaction to the Poffins and ate them all. Pachirisu ran to get the last Poffin that dropped. A Gabite accidentally squished the poffin and Pachirisu got mad and learned a new move: Super Fang. Dawn met a girl named Ursula that owned the Gabite. Ursula saw Dawn’s Piplup and remembered that she entered the Wallace Cup. Ursula was a bit rude and cocky to Dawn because she said that Dawn winning the Wallace Cup was all an accident. As a result, Dawn was determined to show the arrogant coordinator what she was capable of. In the Appeal round, Dawn used Buneary’s Ice Beam to make a whirl and spin around. Dawn was surprised to see Ursula and her Wormadam did a very good job. They both made it to the second round. Jessilina also entered the contest but got defeated by Ursula’s Gabite. Dawn faced Ursula in the finals. Dawn used Pachirisu and Ursula used Gabite. Ursula got a big starting lead then Dawn made a comeback with Pachirisu’s Super Fang and dodging Gabite’s attacks. Dawn defeated Ursula and won the Chocovine Town ribbon, her fourth ribbon. Ursula congratulated Dawn in a rude way and left.

Pokemon Episode 577 - Another One Gabites the Dust!, 4.8 out of 5 based on 30 ratings

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