Pokemon Episode 653 – Memories are Made of Bliss!


The gang go their separate ways, but this proves to be too much for Piplup, so it runs away. Pikachu, Togekiss, and Staraptor try to find Piplup and when Pikachu, Staraptor, and Togekiss find Piplup, Team Rocket catches them. Ash and his team saves the Pokémon, making Team Rocket blasting off again. Dawn confronts Piplup and tells it that they have to depart and the team sees a battle between Cynthia and Flint, and Cynthia wins the battle. Ash decides to continue his journey to become a Pokémon master, Brock wants to be Pokémon doctor, and Dawn wants to be a top Pokémon coordinator. At the pier, Ash and Dawn exchange, their final high five and Ash, Brock and Pikachu say goodbye to Dawn and Piplup. As the ship departs, Ash yells out to cheer Dawn. Ash and Brock set off to Kanto and say goodbye to each other, with Brock turning towards Pewter City, and Ash, Pikachu returning to Pallet Town. They run the rest of the road, and at a new sunrise, bring their Sinnoh journey to an end. This begins their new journey in Unova.

Pokemon Episode 653 - Memories are Made of Bliss!, 4.5 out of 5 based on 84 ratings

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