Pokemon Episode 657 – The Battle Club and Tepig’s Choice!

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On their way to Striaton City Gym, Ash and Iris stop by in Accumula Town and find the Battle Club owned by Don George. After watching a battle between a Servine and a Dewott, Ash challenges the owner of the Dewott shortly before an alarm sounds off that there is an intruder Pokémon that Ash identifies as an Umbreon. Ash and Iris help Don George capture the intruder, which turns out to be a Tepig with a rope tied around its mouth. Ash unties the rope as Don George find Meowth painted like an Umbreon as Jessie and James raid the Battle Club’s storage, finding Pikachu. After Don George sees the Tepig, he explains to Ash that it was left behind by a trainer who tied it up and it later escaped with the rope still around it. However, Team Rocket appears, announcing that they have captured Pikachu (who Oshawott knocked out earlier). Tepig saves Pikachu from Team Rocket, and Ash captures it, having befriended the Fire Pig Pokémon by saving it earlier.

Pokemon Episode 657 - The Battle Club and Tepig's Choice!, 4.7 out of 5 based on 73 ratings

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