Pokemon Episode 659 – Dreams by the Yard Full

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Continuing from Ash’s battle at the Striaton Gym, Oshawott has managed to deflect Pansage’s Solarbeam with his shell. Oshawott is able to use his Shell Blade move to defeat Pansage, earning Ash the Tri Badge, with Iris unimpressed. Elsewhere, Team Rocket finds the Former Building Site of Dreams and set up a device they are instructed to by Sakaki, which soon begins to disturb a sleeping Pokémon. As Cilan begins to ask Ash what he is doing in Unova, after Ash sees a passing Audino at the Pokémon Center, Iris’s Axew is not feeling well and is glowing pink. A woman who identifies herself as Makomo arrives with a Munna which uses its Dream Eater move to make Axew wake up and then its Dream Smoke to reveal its dreams. The entire city is engulfed in Dream Smoke from a Musharna that Makomo used in her research. Ash, Iris, and Cilan accompany Officer Junsar to the Former Building Site of Dreams and find that Team Rocket is causing trouble. Pikachu destroys the device they built, freeing Musharna. Back at the Striaton Gym, Cilan says his goodbyes to Pod and Corn, as he has decided to join Ash on his journey through Unova, as has Iris, as they head on out to the next gym in Shippō City.

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