Pokemon Episode 705 – Ash Versus the Champion!

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Pokemon episode 705

As Ash, Iris, and Cilan leave Nimbasa City, they pass through a street festival and meet back up with Trip. Ash shows that he has won his fourth Gym Badge, but Trip shows that he has five Badges. He retells his story of what pushes him to be a Pokémon Master when they spot the Unova League’s Champion Alder bothering an Officer Jenny, and hitting on her. After introductions, Ash challenges Alder to a match: Bouffalant vs. Pikachu. Bouffalant’s strong defenses prevent Pikachu from winning, but a badly-targetted Afro Break from Bouffalant hits Alder, ending the match abruptly. The event causes Trip to lose faith in his idol, and he leaves. At a Pokémon Center, Alder hits on Nurse Joy, before he has lunch with Ash and his friends. Their lunch is interrupted when Nurse Joy tells him that a Gigalith is rampaging in the festival. After tempting it with an apple and failing, Alder manages to stop the rampaging Pokémon with his bare hands, flipping it over. This allows Alder to spot a nail digging into the Gigalith’s foot and he removes it, cheering up the Gigalith. Officer Jenny goes to scold Alder for his reckless actions when a light pole nearly falls on her, until the Gigalith saves her. After they see the Gigalith off into the forest, Alder takes Ash and his friends to the Driftveil Drawbridge to see them off on the rest of their journey.

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