Pokemon Episode 736 – Rocking the Virbank Gym! Part 1

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Pokemon episode 736

On their way to the Virbank City Gym, our heroes are surprised to come across several Trainers who are still reeling from their defeat at the hands of the Gym Leader, Roxie, who specializes in Poison-type Pokémon. With Cilan’s help, Ash discovers the Gym in an underground music club, where Roxie is the leader of the punk-rock trio known as Koffing and the Toxics. Roxie accepts Ash’s challenge, on one condition: she wants him to use all six of his Pokémon against her team of three! Ash is a little unsure about this, but she assures him that he’ll appreciate the numbers advantage. He agrees, and the unusual battle begins—in front of a crowd of rowdy fans and with plenty of musical accompaniment!

First up, it’s Roxie’s Koffing versus Ash’s Boldore. But, as the losing Trainers warned, Roxie proves to be extremely powerful and resourceful, and Boldore is quickly eliminated. Ash sends out his Unfezant next, hoping a Flying type will be able to keep up with Koffing’s incredible speed—but it’s just not enough, and Unfezant is knocked out.

Ash’s third Pokémon is Leavanny, much to everyone’s surprise—as a Grass-type Pokémon, it’s at a disadvantage against Poison-type foes. But Ash has a strategy this time, and he directs Leavanny to wrap Koffing up with a String Shot and reel it in for a close-range Energy Ball. Koffing is finally eliminated, and Roxie is one Pokémon down!

Next, she sends out her Scolipede, and it uses Toxic to send Leavanny reeling! Will Ash be able to recover from this poisonous assault and win his eighth Gym badge?

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