Pokemon Episode 791 – Go, Go Gogoat!

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Pokemon episode 791

Spending time in an island Pokémon Center on their way to the Kanto region, our heroes take a moment to relax while Alexa does some work on an upcoming story. She asks them to check on her Gogoat, a well-behaved Pokémon who doesn’t require a lot of supervision—so Ash and the others aren’t paying attention when Gogoat meets a young boy named Tony, senses that the boy wants to go somewhere, and promptly sets off with Tony on its back!
Of course, as soon as our heroes discover Gogoat is missing, they rush off to find Officer Jenny and ask her for help. She’s already talking to Tony’s mom, who mentions that Tony wanted to visit the mountaintop observatory where his father works to deliver a special birthday present. Alexa thinks Gogoat might have sensed Tony’s wishes and decided to take him there on its own.

But the mountain can be dangerous, so our heroes set off to make sure Tony is safe, splitting up to explore the two paths to the observatory. Ash and Alexa quickly catch up with the wayward boy and ask him to come back to town, but Tony is determined to get to the observatory, so they decide to go with him.

They finally reach the top, and Tony’s dad is relieved to see him and very happy with his present: a drawing of his favorite constellation, Braviary. After some stargazing, our heroes and Alexa are ready to continue their journey!

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