Pokemon Episode 793 – Survival of the Striaton Gym!

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Pokemon episode 793

While cruising for the next island, Ash and his friends were waiting for Alexa, who want to tell them the next island they are going to visit is the last island of the Decolore Islands called Paladin Island before they will arrive on Vermilion City, but then Porter arrives to tell Cilan he got a video phone call fom his brother, Chili and Cress. Then Cilan rushed as quick as possible, while Alexa is asking Iris who are Chili and Cress. Iris is saying to Alexa that Chili and Cress are Cilan’s brothers. Meanwhile, back to Cilan, he calls Chili and Cress, and they’re saying they are waiting for him in Paladin Island, but they were not very happy about this, they got a problem here, so Cilan tells them he’ll be there as soon as they arrive on this island. And finally, our heroes arrive on Paladin Island, while Alexa is realesing her Gogoat, and temporary leaves our heroes to find a new story once again.


Cilan is in for a real challenge when a tough Trainer named Morana and her fierce Abomasnow challenge him and his brothers to battle, with their Gym in the balance! He could stick with Pokémon that give him the best type advantages over Morana’s team of Ice-type Pokémon, but he decides to lean on his trusty partner, Pansage. Will Cilan’s instincts lead him to victory and save his Gym?

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